Metemco is actually developing relationships with partners, who are involved in specific sectors, since the company has always the aim to grow and enlarge its possibility of business.

Pharmaceutical field:

Nowadays Metemco can represent an ideal partner for medically innovative companies to enlarge their presence on new markets thanks to Metemco’s stable and well-established relations network in target markets.
Metemco is focused on pharmaceutical international wholesale and, thanks to continuous R&D procedures, on supply of the most innovative products and services in medical technology.

Crypto currencies market:

Metemco has a partnership with a financial partner, who  has developed a software package able to implement various algorithms as a fully automated bot on several crypto currencies’ markets and, around this software, has built a complete and technologically advanced platform for automated crypto currency trading with low risk.

This company is a technology designer and integrator offering services and infrastructures to wealth management companies wanting to invest in the crypto markets. The main offered components are:

     The trading platform is an hardware / software platform build to actively and autonomously operate on crypto, stock and/or derivative exchanges and wallet safes,

     The back office is where all the accounting and booking activities take place, including real time NAV calculation, wallet management, performance calculation and contract management with exchanges and trading places,

     The crypto storage is a digital bank where the cryptocurrencies are stored (custody services) and staked.