*     Blades for slitting lines and cut-to-length lines: 
Blades Materials ANALOGUES Х12, Х12М, Х12МФ, 4Х5МФС, 4Х5МФ1С, 5ХВ2СФ, 5ХВ2С, 6ХВ2С, HSS
Thickness of material to be cut up to 24 mm
*     Circular Blades (diam. up to 600 mm)
*     Spacers, inserts, dividing ring, including polyurethane and rubber bonded 
*     Saw blades for steel billets, pipes and profiles:
HSS saw blades, TCT saw blades, SE saw blades, TF saw blades, Saw blades for cutting steel billets, pipes and profiles
-  HSS saw blades Saw blades sharpened individually in accordance with the client’s application; with high-tech custom sharpening geometries with variable rake angles and pitches to reduce strains and vibrations.
- TCT saw blades Tips with different grades of hardness are made of hard metal (sintered tungsten carbide (WC) and Cobalt (Co) powders).
- SE saw blades Every saw is assembled and sharpened individually, on request high-tech custom sharpening geometries with variable rake angles and pitches can be developed to reduce strains and vibrations.
-    TF saw blades TF saw blades are manufactured from hot rolled steel sheet in chromium vanadium 1.2235 or wolfram-molybdenum 1.2604. Saw blades can be supplied hardened all over, on the external belt or on the teeth tips.
*   Rolling rolls for rolling mills:
-   Forged rolls for cold rolling mills, coating and galvanizing lined (weight up to 90 MT, Barrel length up to 2400 mm, Diameter up to 1750 mm);
-   Cast steel rolls for hot strip mills (centrifugal and static casting, weight up to 40 MT, Barrel length up to 3000 mm, Diameter  up to 1400 mm);
-   Cast Iron rolls ICDP & High C (weight up to 42 MT, Barrel length up to 3600 mm, Diameter up to 1450 mm)

*     Rolls for pipe manufacturing (Application: FQM and PQF mills, Sizing mills);
*    Accessories and consumables for tube mills (rolls, rollers, guide lines, mandrels, saw blades, etc.)
*    Accessories and consumables for RGM
*    Chemical production for metallurgy:
Pretreatment products for steel products, aluminum and zinc alloys
- Corrosion inhibitor to add to hot pickling baths to increase the removal speed of the oxides and inhibit the base metal dissolution
- Rinse inhibitor to avoid oxidation of pickled material
- Synthetic temper fluids. Neutral and electrolytic degreasers
- Chemicals to produce insulating coatings and protective oils
- Passivating agents
- Chemicals to produce conversion coatings
- Protective thin organic coatings to produce hexavalent chromium based coatings, trivalent chromium based coatings, chrome free coatings
*    Forged plug (In the seamless steel pipe production, the plug will wear a solid billet into a hollow capillary, the metal variant is mainly operated on the plug, so the plug quality will directly affect the pipe quality and the plug's consumption)
*    Polyurethane:
Rolls and other products with polyurethane and rubber coating for various application areas. Due to our highly qualified technicians and up-to-date technology and instruments, we offer a wide range of products meeting the highest world quality standards to our clients. We can produce and supply products in accordance with the drawings and technical specification of the client. 
We can also give advice which will help to solve technical problems or recommend what product to choose to get the best result in price/quality ratio.