Metemco is currently cooperating with some partners, who are developing new green technologies in order to increase the productive use of nature resources.

John Cockeril 


John Cockerill supports the energy transition by developing innovative technological solutions for various industries and other sectors and by participating in the development of renewable energies - in particular green hydrogen.
Green Hydrogen production solutions:
Electrolysers, Hydrogen refueling stations, Integrated solutions, 


Environment provides turnkey solutions for the
treatment of air, gas, water, solids & waste, as well
as energy valorization:
     * Full range of water treatment solutions;
     * Air pollution control and industrial ventilation;
     * Solutions for the recovery of energy
     * Solutions for infrastructures
     * Thermal treatment solutions 

There are some other innovative systems developed by Metemco’s partners, such as:

     Cooling systems (Thermal Wet Cooling, Reasearch-Cottrell Dry Cooling)
     Air quality systems (Dust Removal Systems, Acid Gas Removal Systems, NOx Removal Systems, Multi-Pollutants & Special Applications)
     Heat Recovery (Ecomisers & recuperators, Heat Recovery Steam Generators HRSG)