METEMCO SA, as a sector specialist, is often attending international sector fairs, which are very useful to meet stable customers as well as new ones. 
In some fairs Metemco participate as an exhibitor and in some others just as a visitor to meet suppliers and/or customers.
Common fairs attended by Metemco:

- Metal Expo in Moscow: Metemco is participating almost every year to this fair as an exhibitor, owing its own stand or sharing it with some trusted partner;

Made in Steel in Milan: also in this case, Metemco is participating almost every time this fair is organized as a visitor to meet customers and suppliers who have their ownstand or who are attending the fair as visitor as well;

- Tube and Wire Messe in Duesseldorf: Metemco is participating to these fairs as a visitor to search new customers and supplier, who can represent a good opportunity for new business.